Panel discussion. Food sovereignty

19:00 O'Clock

Food sovereignty thematized with a discussion evening and a special gourmet festival at Pfundplatzl

The guiding theme of Speisekammer Schwaz for 2024 is food sovereignty. For this reason, we are planning a two-day event all about local food with a culinary star line-up.

Program: The impulse

Friday, September 20, 2024 in the evening at XXX
Panel discussion with high-profile participants from the food and nutrition sector with a short keynote on food sovereignty

Key questions: - Where will our food come from in the future? - Is a supply of valuable food for all still guaranteed? - Are we sacrificing our quality of life at the altar of multinational agribusinesses and their profits? We will discuss the problem and also present solutions.

Names: Peter Fankhauser (gastronomic rebel, permaculturist, 3-toque chef)
Paul Ivic (pioneer of vegetarian high cuisine, 2-star and 4-toque chef)
Bianca Blasl (actvist, reporter, melange in rubber boots),

Moderation: Jürgen Schmücking (journalist and president)

voluntary contributions
Street:Galerie Unterlechner
City:6130 Schwaz
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