Free city tour

on the trail of silver

Local guides accompany you through alleyways and nooks and crannies, take you to hidden places and make you literally feel the times of yesteryear. Buildings that are not normally open to the public only open their doors as part of the city tour.

Free city tours in German
every Thursday from 27.06. to 03.10.2024
Duration approx. 2 hours
for families and individuals
Meeting point: Silberregion treasure chamber store (Franz-Josef-Straße 23, 6130 Schwaz)
No registration required

Coach tours or special groups can book a city tour in German, English, Italian or French directly with Schwaz City Marketing on +43.5242.6960-101.

Admission free
Street:Schatzkammer Silberregion-Shop (Franz-Josef-Straße 23, 6130 Schwaz)
City:6130 Schwaz
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