The new urbanites

19:00 O'Clock

A city comedy from Schwaz. By Chris Kohler

World premiere at Gleis 4 as part of the Silver Summer 2024

No one could have guessed what difficulties the new urbanites would face in view of the long-awaited town elevation ceremony! What's more, the charming female opposition tempted the municipal council to
many an unpredictable error and everyday skirmishes enliven the scene anyway. So harmony is urgently needed
An amusing look back at the year 1899 (sic!) interweaves fiction and truth, presented in a completely un-historical way with a wink by the Schwazer Bühnen of Gleis 4. Author: Chris Kohler, Director: René Permoser, Assistant Director: Elisabeth Mühlbacher

Tickets: 16,-, reduced 13,- Ticket sales via www.oeticket.com and at all Oeticket advance booking offices

Normal price: 16.00; reduced price: 13.00
Street:Gleis 4 - Theater am Zug, Bahnhofstraße 16
City:6130 Schwaz
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