EXHIBITION: Merlin Carpenter

10.02.2024 - 04.05.2024

Stress Busters

A dead rat lies in the field outside the window. Its dark fur glows in the white snow. I'm standing in the kitchen sorting out pens.

Then it's the turn of the newspaper rack in the corner. There is a thin layer of dust on the magazines and journals. A puzzle pad emerges from underneath all the pages.
Puzzle pad in large font. Guessing fun at a glance.

The block is from 2012 and has not been missed or searched for. Some terms are written on two pages, the rest is blank.

I sit down and look at the given fields in black and white.
After finding the right word, I fall into a state of rapturous excitement. Searching and finding transfers the longing of still being open to the whole.

It's strange that this block appears right now and functions as a gap filler for the inconsequential times in between lunch and an afternoon walk, between drying my hair and calling Susanne, between entering the waiting room and being called, between a glass of red wine in the evening and going to bed.



Text: Nadja Ayoub
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