Pleasure tour to Armenia

03. - 11.06.2024

Pleasure trip to Armenia - get to know the country, culture, cuisine & people - guided tour

A country that encompasses all the world's climate zones in a
tiny area, a bridge between the geographical and political
geographical and political Europe, home to the 5000-meter
high mountains, birthplace of the 8,000-year-old wine culture. We will explore this country together and consciously like the local population
traveling. Andrea and Michael are true lovers of Georgia and it is not for nothing that they run the most extensive Georgian
wine shop in western Austria in Schwaz. wine shop in western Austria and occasionally cook chinkali and katchapuri. Andrea has already gotten to know the country in depth and would like to show it to you and experience it again together. We will experience cities, orthodox monasteries, hammams, wineries, two different mountain regions and possibly the Georgian musical culture up close within two weeks through the country. From place to place, valley to valley, we will travel by the world-famous marshrutkas (very picturesque Georgian shared cabs) whenever the opportunity arises and experience the scenic routes with their hand-carved tunnels, snow-capped peaks and green hills like the Georgians. For more information on the highlights of this trip and fares, see our travel brochure or simply ask us. **
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Street:Franz-Josef-Straße 12
City:6130 Schwaz
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