3rd European barrel organ festival


Barrel organ festival in the city center of Schwaz

The cultural association Hermitage, under the direction of Reinhard Schwitzer, organizes together with Walter Schuster, himself a passionate barrel organ player, already for the third time the European barrel organ festival in Schwaz.

The barrel organ was already developed in the 18th century and was subsequently an important instrument of folk music. It is a mechanical musical instrument that produces music by turning a crank and operating keys or keys. Especially in Europe, the barrel organ was very popular and widespread. The barrel organ was also a popular instrument in church music and was often used in processions and celebrations. Another important point is the role of the barrel organ in the development of the music industry. The invention of the barrel organ made it possible to record music on records. Subsequently, numerous music publishers and record companies were established, specializing in recordings and compositions for barrel organs.

Admission free
City:6130 Schwaz
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