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Schwaz brings gold

The Entente Florale Europe is a Europe-wide competition that aims to encourage citizens in cities, towns and villages to increase the quality of life and living. In the meantime, a competition has developed out of the original plant and flower competition, which places considerably more demands on the applicants in the catalog of criteria than a purely visual enhancement of the townscape.

Schwaz won in 2017 with the highest score of all participants in the prestigious competition for floral decoration and quality of life "Entente Florale" in the category "City".

With great success for Schwaz, the official award ceremony of the prestigious European flower and quality of life contest "Entente Florale" took place on 15 September in Podcetrtek, Slovenia. Schwaz competed in the category "City" for Austria and won the gold medal for his versatile projects and his great commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. The medal earned by BGM Dr. med. Hans Lintner and the visiting team of the municipality and the tourism association celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Entente Florale

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