Education - Silberregion Karwendel


Center of the future

During school time in Schwaz there is a kind of education-hungry turmoil. Like a magnet, the many schools in the city attract young people from the wider and nearer areas who are preparing for their future in the city of Silver. Schwaz is the district capital and as such offers the entire range of educational opportunities. In addition to two new middle schools for the 5th to 8th grade and the Polytechnic School for the 9th grade, the Bundesreal and Bundesoberstufengymnasium and the Bischöfliches Gymnasium Paulinum are not just two general secondary schools (AHS) but also the Bundeshandelsakademie Schwaz also a Berufsbildende höhere Schule (BHS) on the Bildungsleiter der Silberstadt. Young people opting for the dual training path will be taught locally at the Tyrolean vocational school for trade and office (TFBS), and those who want to get closer to a practical working environment with a vocational school at a young age can choose between the commercial school (BMS) and the School for Health and Nursing (BMS). With the degree program Bachelor of Business Administration at the HAK a university education can be completed and who thirst for knowledge drives also in the adulthood, has the possibility to satisfy him in the Landesmusikschule, the Volkshochschule, the BFI or the WIFI. In view of this, it is clear why the education-hungry turmoil is something of another city landmark. A very lively one.