Economy - Silberregion Karwendel


Strong dynamics

It is quite possible that the entrepreneurial passion that characterizes the silver region of Karwendel began with mining. Even then, the perfect combination of knowledge, skills, resources and transport technology was crucial for the upswing of the region, so these pulse generators remained crucial. The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which shape the dynamics, show this just as consistently as the strong leading companies in the region. The innovative know-how that can be found, for example, in companies such as the Jenbacher Werke (gas engine masters) in Jenbach, at TYROLIT (Schleifmittelwerke) and the Adler-Werk (paints, stain wood preservatives) in Schwaz or the Ing. Hans Lang GmbH ( Construction company) in Terfens has some global appeal and is constantly setting new standards for its strong location. The diverse mix of industries, crafts, tourism and commerce not only contributes to the stability of the region itself, but also offers young people numerous opportunities to learn from the best, to work and to shape their own future as well as their homeland. What Martina Entner, chairwoman of the WK district office Schwaz, likes to emphasize and no less likes to emphasize, is the strong bond between the entrepreneurs and the location. This commitment or understanding shapes the economic culture of the region and is part of this entrepreneurial passion that has been fueling the momentum in the Silver Region of Karwendel since time immemorial.