Customs - Silberregion Karwendel


Lively things from the old days

These traditions are as complex as the humans themselves and they create a vivid and colorful connection - to the impressive history of the Karwendel Silver Region, the deeply rooted traditions, the honorable pride and the power of the seasons that shape life. When, with gentle songs or mysterious rituals, fires and herbs, winter is welcomed into the rooms and later driven away with the help of the awe-inspiring Muller. When the grass clippers with their bells bring the green of the meadows to life, the Kasettl women decorate the processions in Schwaz with their ornate robes, at the end of summer at the Almabtrieb in Eng or in Weerberg the magnificently decorated cattle in the valley will be welcomed or At the Tinzlmesse, a very special tradition is revived every year and paid homage to the medieval guilds - customs play a major role in every location of the Silberregion Karwendel. It is rooted as deeply as the maple trees in the Eng-Alm and the unobtrusive self-image, with which the most diverse traditions are lived and passed on from old to young, is a charm that nobody can escape. This spark jumps over immediately - and leaves memories that want to be refreshed again and again.