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High above the Inntal am Weerberg, at 1,250 meters above sea level, is the Hüttegg. The restaurant, newly built last year, advertises with the slogan "360 ° Genussreich" and does not promise too much. The Hüttegg takes the place of a little welcoming self-service restaurant and raises the gastronomy at the Hüttegglift - in summer also an excellent biking and hiking area - to a whole new level. The terrace offers an impressive panorama with a magnificent view of the Inn Valley and offers 130 seats.

This is in no way inferior to the architecturally tidy interior of the Hüttegg. Inviting, one would like to add. 100 percent barrier-free. Even the little ones are in good hands at the playground, which is laid out in time for the start of the summer season on the meadow next to the Hüttegg. There is also a games room in the house. "In summer and in winter we are also a destination for the whole family," says Hüttegg host Christoph Schiffmann. Christoph is able to reinforce his first impression of "feeling good all around" with his 11-strong team. The young restaurateur, who grew up at the Pillberg, can already look back on a wealth of experience and strives to give his Hüttegg a very special flair. That seems to have succeeded after the first winter. "My restaurant manager Nadine has been with me for seven years. With her I have all kinds of drinks from different countries, which have tasted good on the map. There are many Prosecco and wine mixed drinks that are available for the summer. In addition, we also have a small cocktail menu, "outlines the restaurateur. He describes the wine list as small but fine. The schnapps are from our own production. This is Christoph's brother responsible, as well as for the homemade honey. The traditional Zirbenschnaps buy Christoph am Kolsassberg.

The fantastic backdrop on the sweeping terrace with its 130 seats, protected from the wind behind a glass front, invites you to be pampered by the warm summer sun or to enjoy the sunset. The soft morning sun with coffee and cake is also not to be despised. Part of the terrace is covered and can be heated. This is a plus especially on cooler autumn days. An area of ​​the terrace is equipped with sun loungers. There, the atmosphere should be "relaxed loungy", says Christoph. In addition, a small bar is set up on the terrace. There will also be ice in summer. In the warm season the Hüttegg is hit by many cyclists. This will be reinforced once again with the triumph of the e-bike. That's why there is an own e-bike charging station there. Many athletic cyclists come over the toboggan run to Christoph Schiffmann, some continue to the Nonsalm and make a stop at the Hüttegg on the way back. Hikers reach via various hiking trails and climbing up. The Hüttegg is also the starting point of many hiking tours. "And the meeting place for afterwards," adds Christoph Schiffmann. In Hüttegg, not only the terrace is a strong argument that invites you to stop off and linger. The interior design with its mix of new and old wood and glass, high-quality finishes and traditional and modern elements creates a pleasant, airy and open atmosphere, without revealing the home-away-from-home. It goes without saying that the restaurant is also a perfect venue for celebrating a variety of celebrations, be it a birthday, a wedding or a christening. Sometimes you dine in Hüttegg with musical accompaniment. "Music & Dinner" is the name of the format in which a menu is offered in addition to the regular menu for live music in the evening. When choosing the music, Christoph mixes vigorously, there is something for every taste, sometimes more modern, then more traditional, not infrequently with a strong dash of local flavor. "Come on, mia gfrein ins," says Christoph Schiffmann. There is nothing to add.

opening hours

From Tuesday to Thursday and on Sundays, the Hüttegg is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to midnight. At festivities, it can take much longer.