of cycling and mountain bike routes, singletrack and bike parks

In addition to three bike parks, 920 kilometers of cycle paths, 5,600 kilometers of officially approved mountain bike trails and 230 kilometers of officially approved single trails lead through the heart of the Alps.

The mountain bike model Tyrol is the reliable guidance system throughout the country. The consistent classification and clear signage facilitates orientation and ensures that families with children, pleasure bikers, mountain bikers and singletrack riders as well as risk-seeking downhillers find their ideal route. At the same time, certain rules of conduct ensure that the unique Tyrolean mountains continue to be maintained in this way.

of mountain bike routes, singletrack and bike parks

Similar to ski slopes and hiking trails, approved mountain bike trails are divided into difficulty levels. In essence, the inclination ratios as well as the path condition are decisive for the classification in light, medium-difficult, difficult and extremely difficult routes.

  • Light routes are marked in blue.
    These are family-friendly, even with normal bicycles passable bike trails with good road surface. Gradients and gradients averaged between 0 and 5 percent. On blue routes, no special hazard areas occur or at danger spots is indicated by special labeling with signs.
  • Medium difficulty routes are marked in red.
    These are routes that require sporty cycling skills and especially defensive driving. Gradients and gradients averaged between 5 and 12 percent. On red routes, confusing, twisty sections of the track appear, even with motor vehicle traffic, which takes up the entire width of the route, must be expected.
  • Difficult routes are marked black.
    These are challenging mountain bike trails with numerous hazards that exceed the maximum gradient of the red track and their track characteristics is even more difficult. A situation-adapted anticipatory driving is required.
    Single trails are marked in yellow.
  • Singletrack are extreme and challenging routes that would not be accessible by car. Drive carefully: There is a danger of falling on yellow roads, as there are no safety devices such as handrails. Also count on obstacles such as high steps, roots and boulders and non-drivable sliding and carrying stretches.
    In addition, the single trails are divided into different difficulty levels, blue for easy (S0, S1) red for medium difficulty (S2) and black for difficult (S3-S5). Road conditions, gradients, obstacles, curves and driving technique are criteria for the classification.
    The classification of the bike parks is blue (light), red (medium) and black (difficult).