Pfarrkirche Jenbach Hl. Wolfgang und Leonhard

The Jenbach church with the surrounding cemetery is a prominent point and typical for a small Tyrolean village centre.

With the settlement of smelters for the processing of silver and copper from nearby Schwaz from around 1450, the importance of the town increased. The Kasbach served as an energy source for forges, hammer mills and mills. Due to the resulting increase in population, the desire for an own church arose, because the original parish was in Münster.

In 1487 the foundation stone was laid for the construction of a late Gothic church. The church was completed in 1500 and consecrated in 1510. Only decades later the interior was reasonably complete.
Pfarrkirche Jenbach Hl. Wolfgang und Leonhard


Name:Pfarrkirche Jenbach Hl. Wolfgang und Leonhard
Street / House number:Tratzbergstraße 9

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