Pfarrkirche Pill Hl. Anna

The 500 year old parish church in Pill is a typical Tyrolean sacral building

The church was built from 1516 to 1518. In 1594, a curate was named. In 1891 the church became a parish church. The nave and choir have the same width. The choir closes with a five-fifth note. The ogival windows have a tracery. There are two gothic portals. There is an iron door around 1518 and the Gothic tower from 1516 has a baroque, octagonal tower with an onion helmet by Jakob Flörl (1718).

The three-bay nave was given a barrel vault with Jakob Schweikart (1713). After the pointed arched choir arch follows the two-yard choir with a trunk cap vault.

The frescoes on the vault were painted by Christoph Anton Mayr (around 1750), in the choir of Anna with the Holy Family and the Apostles, in the long house of the sacrifice of Mary and worship of Anna with Mary and the Holy Trinity.

The high altar bears a cross unchanged since the 16th century and the statue of the Madonna of Ludwig Penz (around 1900). On the left side of the choir arch there is a Pietá made of cast stone (1494) and on the right side there is Anna himself (around 1515). On the choir wall is the image Crucifixion by Franz Plattner (1878) and a wood-pitaph Trinity for Daniel Frey 1587 after Albrecht Dürer. The Way of the Cross was created in 1973. A bell is marked with Hans Christof Löffler 1580, the other with Heinrich Reinhart 1603.
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Pfarrkirche Pill Hl. Anna


Name:Pfarrkirche Pill Hl. Anna
Street / House number:Auweg 1

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