Old parish church Weerberg St. Peter
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In the second half of the 13th century a Romanesque church was built at Weerberg. This church was extended and rebuilt in 1441. A second extension became necessary in 1715. Even before the First World War, efforts were made to restore the church, but this was not begun until 1929. The solemn consecration of the restored St. Peter's Church was celebrated by the diocesan bishop of Innsbruck Reinhold Stecher on 12 July 1987.

Of the Gothic church, which was built in 1441, only the tower with coupled sound windows and pointed helmet still exists. After the demolition in 1870, a yoke with stitch cap buoy was preserved from the baroque ship.

The wide transept with a flat dome in the middle and lateral chapels with crossbells has curved skylights. The wall pillars, choir and transept chapels are decorated with Rocaille jewellery. Karlheinz Köll from Seefeld restored and completed the frescoes of the Imster painter Josef Jais between 1981 and 1987. In the choir, these frescoes show the Last Supper. The central ceiling painting is framed by four gusseted pictures depicting the martyrdom of the apostles Peter and Paul and represents the handing over of the celestial bowl to St. Peter.

The transfigure of Christ is depicted above the entrance area. Above the window on the right side of the side chapel there is a fresco depicting the marriage of Mary and Joseph. In 1784 Josef Anton Zoller painted the picture of the baroque high altar (panel painting, handing over of the keys of Jesus to Peter, who kneels before Christ). The folk altar was made by Hans Knapp from Weerberg, fits organically into the church inventory and is well worth seeing. The altar was built to the patronage of the church in June 1989.
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Old parish church Weerberg St. Peter


Name:Alte Kirche St. Peter
Street / House number:Zallerstraße 96

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