Walk to the Bucher Waterfall
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Refreshing secret tip. Short trip to rushing waters, especially attractive on hot summer days.

From Gasthof Bucherwirt you first follow the signs, up the narrow mountain road towards Schöllerberg. The path leads past a few houses, meadows and fields until you finally reach the edge of the forest. Here the waterfall path branches off to the right and leads onto a narrow hiking trail. Over about 60 steps the path now climbs up to the Bucher waterfall, a hidden scenic gem. Here, a variety of plants and the uniquely folded rock formations are impressive. The humid coolness of the trees and the splashing water provide moments of relaxation.

Back to the Bucherwirt starting point, take the same route to a sharp bend in Gallzeiner Straße. Here you follow the road downhill, along the Bucher Bach to the old country road. Turning right, you return to the Bucherwirt inn. There you can also enjoy a cosy stop for Tyrolean dishes and social gatherings. The inn is particularly popular because of the variety of traditional home cooking and its large portions.


At a Glance

Descent:89 m
Walking time / ascent:0.5 h


Walking time / descent:0.5 h
Starting point:Parkplatz Gasthof Bucherwirt Buch
Path surface:Asphalt road, at the last stretch to the waterfall a hiking trail (approx. 1 m wide)
Recommended equipment:Good footwear, rain protection

Route type

Family hike:Yes

City:Buch in Tirol

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