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They are not morning people. "None of us," admits Kathi Danzl. She is the "old farmer" at the farm. The designation quickly gives rise to the image of a curved, wrinkled woman wearing a headscarf. Kathi Danzl is the opposite of it. The perfect opposite, to be exact. Much is different here at Kohlerhof in Ried 29, as it still wants to fool the dashing idea of ​​a farm. The spacious kitchen of the "young farmers" is bright, modern and yet homey and to enter through three doors - three inviting so to speak. From here, the life on the farm can be surveyed excellent. The running ducks, the herb garden, the entrance to the stable or the way to the house and the farm shop.

When converting the old stable to the residential building, care was taken to ensure that both apartments have their own entrance. In farms, it is actually commonplace that all generations go through a front door. And the fact that the family does not walk out of bed and into the stable at nightfall is rather unusual. "We start at six, six-thirty. This is usually already too late, "says Kathi, and daughter-in-law Gertraud Danzl adds with the same humor:" The animals inevitably have the same rhythm. "Yes, that's how easy it is.

Three years ago, Gertraud and Hannes Danzl took over the farm from Hannes' parents, with whose help they continue to live, which has become a rarity in the agricultural world. "We are full-time farmers," says Hannes Danzl. "Already the dad was in full-time employment and because our farm is relatively small, we had to think early on how to get additional income."

Nothing conventional
As for the location and especially the view, the Platzl here - on the hillside in Ried - cheap, if not magnificent. However, if you are not so blessed with arable land, you have to come up with something. Quality instead of quantity, something out of the ordinary, something special, not uniformity. The direction in which the family began to move almost three decades ago is proving to be a lot of comparison. In any case, the desire to not become a sideline-builder paved the way for a broad base, to which now
The next, the fourth Danzl generation at the court is building its future. "We started making bacon 30 years ago," recalls Hans Danzl, the "old farmer", who, just like his wife, does not correspond to the picture that goes with it. From "old sows" became "Mastsaue", to
Bacon soon joined sausages and also with raspberries grew possibilities. "We had the perennials in front of the farm on the field. But that became too labor intensive then, "says Hannes. When the perennials were removed, the actual work center grunted long ago in the stable.

"My ideal life purpose is bristle cattle and pork fat," sings the rich pig breeder in Johann Strauss' operetta "The Gypsy Baron". There are many things about bristle livestock and pork bacon at Kohlerhof, even if the wealth there is less to be found in the rich purse than in the beautiful certainty of enabling one's whole family to live a good and beautiful life. The original charm of this idea is as old as humanity itself, but today only a few smaller farmers have the opportunity - as we already mentioned - of implementing it on the one hand much larger, on the other hand much narrower and stricter world. "The numerous conditions, regulations and regulations certainly prevent many small ones from starting such a thing," Gertraud is convinced, and father-in-law Hans explains why the provisions, which can stifle initiatives and engagement in the bud, do not bring Kohlerhof to its knees can force: "We have grown with the conditions. We have retrofitted and retrofitted and retrofitted.

To fulfill all this at once would mean extremely high investments. "Even against the background, the decision of that time proved to be the right one. No less correct was the choice of career of the son. He has learned butcher and his skills means not only the craft but also taste. Every three weeks is slaughtered. "This rhythm we go through. If we were to shorten the rhythm, we would not be able to do this work, "he says. He uses two weeks for work in the stable, with the cattle and on the field. A total of twelve hectares are managed by the Danzls, on only eight hectares, the grain is grown for the pigs.
With self-grown barley, wheat and triticale, a cross between wheat and rye, the lucky charms are drawn. Corn has not been on the feed plan for a long time.

In the slaughter week it goes in the truest sense of the word to the sausage. If it is not about the bacon, which there are in Kohlerhof in "four types": ham, Karree, belly and usually also Schopfspeck. "There are still three different hams, boiled ham, frankfurters, white sausage, black pudding in winter, lyons, extra, paprika and one
Pate. Then a hard sausage, two different Sulz'n, three Kaminwurz'n and in summer we may start with Bratwürstl'n, "Gertraud counts the palette as shot on the gun and just as quickly it is clear why Hannes for the transformation of the Meat in all the delicacies must reserve a week's work.

The store
On average, between 180 and 200 pigs live on the farm. From very small to very big. "We have her by birth
and do not buy pigs, "says Hans. "From the cradle to the grave," adds Gertraud with the saying of
Direct marketers. At the Kohlerhof, anyone can look into the barn at any time and convince themselves of the welfare of the animals,
has always been like that. When the barn was rebuilt, this philosophy was an important point for the plan. "I have
none of this, if I build it so that I have as little effort as possible, and the customers might think that our
philosophy, "explains Hannes. "I live on the sale."

Speaking of sales. That's why the Danzls can be full-time farmers. And the fact that she does
speak so long, speaks volumes - for the bacon, for the sausages and their quality. The palate of the customers is like one
Signpost pointing constantly to the Kohlerhof. That bacon is not just bacon, not only the regular "Wie-
derkehrer ". Their patently excellent taste is confirmed by the numerous awards made to the farm
like eagle. In the truest sense of the word, the Danzls became triple winners in 2014 alone - for
the square, the ham and the bacon - what entitles them to wear the coveted GenussKrone, the very highest
Award for regional specialties in Austria. In the past, the farm sale was through the "Kuchltür". Sounds nice, but eventually it was too much. As before, customers who became friends
or friends, who are also customers, are quickly invited for a coffee, and during the renovation, not a few hoped for a "Hofcafé". "That would be too much work. Although, somehow we are a little bit, "smiles Gertraud.

In order to "guide" the growing number of customers and their own products, in addition to those in the
Fresh and year-round potatoes, offering a broader range, was launched almost ten years ago
the farm shop opened. Again it was a right decision at the right time. For about ten years now, the
Consciousness of consumers. They want to know where their food comes from. They want a completely honest
history. And they get it here. "You need a certain assortment, a small variety of products," says Hannes.
Because direct marketers know each other, it was not difficult to put diversity into action. "We have herbs, fruits,
Jams, honey, juice and handmade noodles, "says Gertraud looking at the shelves. A g'schmackiger look is
that. One who lures. And tempted. It is possible from Tuesday to Friday, from 8.30 to 11 o'clock and from 15 to 18 o'clock, on
On Saturday, the delicacies are sold from 8.30 am to 11 am at Bauernmarkt am Pfundplatz in Schwaz.

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