24/7 test centre and bike rental

New from summer 2024

Test centre

Opposite our office, we are building a new space that will house our e-bike and e-scooter hire and our test centre.

The test centre is the result of our cooperation with Best of Wandern. Guests can hire outdoor equipment to try out here. Simply drop by the office during opening hours, register, try it on and off you go.

Available are:

  • Scarpa hiking boots for women and men
  • Vaude rucksacks for women, children and men
  • Child carrier models from Vaude
  • Trekking poles from Black Diamond
  • Trekking umbrellas from Euroschirm
  • Hiking jackets for women and men from VAUDE
  • Children's jackets from Vaude
  • Snowshoes from Tubbs
  • Snowline spikes from Koch alpin

E-bike and e-scooter rental

The e-bike and e-scooter hire is a supplement to our cooperation with Probike for those times when Probike is closed. It is intended to ensure that our guests can hire a bike in our region 7 days a week - even outside the opening hours of our office.

We are working with a shared mobility provider for this purpose. This provider offers an app that can be used to hire bikes and scooters. Simply register in the app, enter your means of payment and cycle off. If you take a break in between, for example to stop off at a pub, the bike can be locked via the app. When the bike or scooter is returned to the rental centre, the rental process can be ended again.

To ensure that the bikes are charged and in working order, a further hire process is blocked until they have been released again by an employee.

Access to the rental centre outside office opening hours is also granted via the app: If you start a hire process outside office opening hours, you will receive the code for the door lock to enter the room with the bikes and scooters.
The bikes and scooters will be available to our guests from summer 2024.

It was important to us to be able to guarantee a sustainable mobility solution for our guests, regardless of business or office opening hours. This offer is particularly suitable for excursions in and around Schwaz and allows you to leave your car at home.