On the trail of the last bear
Hiking event "Bärenmarsch" in the Karwendel

The bears are ready ... uh, no, the runners, hikers and bikers are gone when the "bear march" starts. And this on historical ground: It was a young nobleman, namely Count Thun -Heinstein, who brought the last domestic bear in Tyrol Karwendel case. The memorial stone - in the form of a resting bear - is reminiscent of the so-called bear's rest on this 14 May 1898. Since then, there are no more bears in Stallental near Schwaz in the silver region Karwendel. Only bear Bruno looked briefly on his hike to Bavaria, where he was killed. Location names like the summit "Bärenkopf", the "Bärenrast" etc. remind of the historical event. And the "Bear March" was launched.

Runners, bikers or pleasure hikers?
On two wheels or two legs, everything starts to move. Some faster, others more comfortable. The family hike is not about the best times - which was incidentally the running competition at 35 minutes - but the experience. Finally, the funny scavenger hunt shortens the way for the little hikers at least in time. 6.8 kilometers and 560 vertical meters are to be mastered at the running trophy to the finish line Stallenalm, the stage for pleasure hikers is shorter. "Creatable for everyone", says initiator Christian Gspan from the organizer Wintersportverein Vomp, who revived the bear march three years ago. Last year there were already over 300 participants. "We are fanatical mountain runners and did not want to let this traditional march over many years die," explains Gspan.