Bank sponsorship
in the Silberregion Karwendel

Home is,
what your heart is attached to.

Perhaps one or the other walker has already noticed the new, wooden benches of the Silver Region? These Rastbankerln are anything but ordinary. In addition to their unique appearance, a bench sponsorship can be concluded since the spring of 2016.
Admitting a bench to give away is unusual but probably the best way to say thank you to someone, with a gift in the heart of Mother Nature.

A gift to yourself, to a good friend, to the love of your life or as a thank you for the assistance of a long difficult time. A dedication plaque to be placed on the bench and a certificate complete this special gift.

Islands of rest, spread throughout the day, can change the landscape of the.

Family Knoll of the Sennhof

Your home, your mountains, your family, your bank


All the best dear Rainer

The key to happiness is our ability to be content.

The Felderer family

What is a bank sponsorship

A person or company pays for a 5-year bank sponsorship 250, - €. During this time, a bank in the Inn Valley area of the Silberregion Karwendel receives a plaque from the godfather. This can be the name of the godfather or, for example, the dedication for someone, a thank you for a good deed, for the golden wedding anniversary of grandma and grandpa, etc. (up to approx. four lines of 25 characters, including spaces). After examination of the tourism federation it is also possible to set up a new bench this lies with 500, - €. In the area of the Ahornboden, a limited number of benches are available for sponsorship. The cost per bench here is €300 for 5 years.

  • The location of the bench will be defined after consultation based on current availability. Wishes are welcome and will be taken into account as far as possible.
  • Bank sponsorships are not possible on a private property, but in public space outside the settlement area.
  • For each bank sponsorship, a certificate will be created and awarded.


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