To the Edelweiß at the Gamsjoch

Challenging mountain tour to a large Karwendel peak that demands a sure foot

The vast massif of the Gamsjoch towers above the Großer Ahornboden by a good 1200 metres. The ascent is correspondingly long and arduous. An investment in sweat and endurance, which, however, is amply rewarded. You can enjoy a snack at eye level with the most famous walls of the Karwendel in the elevated viewing box - and the view down to the maple floor is literally breathtaking.

From the parking lot at the Alpengasthof you walk across the meadows to the striking moat that runs down between Gumpenspitze and Gamsjoch. Soon there are markings and a clear path that leads over scree and some steep heels into the green basin of Gumpenkar and on to Gumpenjöchl. At the saddle, the path to the summit branches off to the right. The ascent continues over another 480 metres in altitude and leads over two rocky steps. Most aspirants stay on the pre-summit. The slightly higher main summit (2452 m) is reached via a short but rather exposed ridge. For the way back, we recommend the somewhat longer but knee-friendly variant over the Lalidersalm Hochleger towards Hohljoch and down to the Engalmen - where a stop can never be wrong. You can also stop at the car park at the Eng Alpine Inn.
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At a Glance

Difficulty level:medium difficulty / red mountain path
Walking time / ascent:4 h


Starting point:Parkplatz P10

City:Hinterriss - Eng

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Parking Lot Eng

Parking Lot Eng

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