The cow bells, which herald the cattle drive in the silver region Karwendel, are audible far and wide. Traditions and customs are treasures that must be carefully guarded and preserved for generations to come.

Anyone who recognizes the deeper meaning and value of the inherited cultural heritage feels the fire for which the "retronovative" silver region of Karwendel is burning. Depending on the ranking of the cow in the herd, her bell has a special sound. Cattle drives are thanksgiving feasts for the dairymen returning home safe and sound with their animals. Only when all the animals of an alp come back full and healthy from the alpine summer will they be decorated for their return to the valley.

Over the mountain and the yoke, the cows and their shepherds move to their home in the valley. Traditions that have survived contribute to making the Almabtriebe in the Silberregion Karwendel as consistent as it used to be. In addition to the beautiful straps and bells, the animals are "bristled" with pines, pines, granite and alpine flowers, colorful ribbons and mirrors for the homecoming and return under the joyful looks of many onlookers in their homestead.

This beautification on the alp sometimes takes several hours. In the valley people and animals are eagerly awaited and welcomed with music and rural delicacies.
The cattle drive is led by the leading cows, who already know the way home by themselves - and are, of course, nicely decorated.

On this feast day, women wear their most beautiful dirndls and the men's costumes. The delicious peasant dishes are enjoyed, it is made music and danced.