The cowbells that ring in the Almabtrieb in the Silberregion Karwendel can be heard from far and wide. Traditions and customs are treasures that need to be carefully guarded and preserved for future generations.

Whoever recognizes the deeper meaning and genuine value of the cultural assets that have been handed down feels the fire for which the "retronovative" Silver Region Karwendel burns. Depending on the ranking of the cow in the herd, its bell has a special sound. Almabtriebe are thanksgiving celebrations for the fact that the alpine dairymen return home safely with their animals. Only when all the animals of an alp come back from the alpine summer complete and healthy, they are decorated for their return to the valley.

Over mountain and yoke, the cows move with the herdsmen to their home in the valley Traditions handed down contribute to the fact that the Almabtriebe in the Silberregion Karwendel are so coherent - as in the past. In addition to the beautiful straps and bells, the animals are "wreathed" with mountain pines (Föhren), spruces, Granabitten and alpine flowers, colorful ribbons and mirrors for the homecoming and return to their home stable under the joyful gaze of many onlookers.

This embellishment on the alp sometimes takes several hours. In the valley, man and animal are awaited with excitement and welcomed with music and peasant delicacies.
The Almabtrieb is led by the lead cows, which already know the way home on their own - and of course are also most beautifully decorated.

On this festive day, women also wear their most beautiful Dirndln and the men traditional costume. The delicious peasant food is enjoyed, there is music and dancing.