A place where the
Time stands still




In Schwaz, on a hill, a castle visible from afar, watches over the silver city. It is the castle Freundsberg. If the Tyrolean topographer Johann Jakob Staffler is to be believed, the "warlike Romans" are said to have erected a fortification, a fort, in pre-Christian times at this strategic location, as Staffler wrote in 1842. The name of the castle goes back to the 1122 first mentioned gentlemen of Freundsberg, who worked as servants of the Counts of Andechs and thus achieved a high reputation. Of the family of the Lords of Freundsberg today only the name remained. From the original structure, the oldest remains of the wall are dated to the 12th century, only the keep - the tower - has been preserved. The new building around the year 1230 was built on this oldest, Romanesque part of the complex. Sigmund the Münzreiche, one of the Tyrolean princes, came in 1467 in the possession of the castle, which he had expanded to a hunting lodge and from then on called "Sigmundsruh". Around 1630, the palace and the chapel were rebuilt into a new castle church in the Renaissance style. The Bavarian King Ludwig I finally left in 1812 the castle of the community Schwaz as a gift. In their possession, the castle Freundsberg is still today.

In Gschlössl dahoam
In the castle today a restaurant is housed, the tower accommodates the Schwazer local history museum. Where the nobility once resided and retreated to Halali to celebrate and rest, a damsel now leads the regiment. Andrea Scheiber is a Bleibergerin. That's the name of the district around the castle Freundsberg. "I was born and grew up there," says the landlady, whose aunt with her husband has run the restaurant business in the Burgschenke for 35 years. Thereafter, the tavern was in other hands for some years, before she found back again in Andrea Scheiber's family. For the fun-loving woman, it feels like a return. A return to familiar walls that you know and love from childhood on
has learned. "My mother worked here with her aunt. Here she met my dad. Exactly where over there the regulars' table and the bar used to be, "says Andrea, pointing to a corner in the small, tightly-set taproom. At the castle, therefore, the first step was laid, the foundation stone for the existence of today's landlady. A nice coincidence that you could hardly think better. The aunt, who has run the castle tavern for many years, is also the godmother of Andrea Scheiber. The childhood home she grew up in is just below the castle, just a stone's throw away. "Most of my childhood, though, was spent up here. About the forest path is away from the home in two minutes here at the Gschlössl, "says Andrea Scheiber, the friend mountain has become home again. The Gschlössl, as the locals affectionately call their castle, is Andreas Dahoam, the linchpin of their lives: "The Gschlössl is my Dahoam. Here I feel good, here I live. "For the hostess, it is important that the castle is inhabited. Also because many historical treasures are hidden within the walls of the castle, which can be explored during a visit. "You just notice it when there's always someone there," says the landlady. How do you like to live as a lord of the castle in such an ancient and historic building? A smile spreads on Andrea Scheiber's friendly face: "Cool. It's really cool. "When the opportunity arose to lease the castle tavern, Andrea Scheiber did not have to think too long:" Not a second. When I heard that the tavern would be vacant, I immediately got my family and my partner together and got the backing to work for the successor. "A task that can not be done without the support of the family falls In the area next to the catering but also other tasks, such as the care and maintenance of the garden to. The castle damsel expressly praises the good cooperation with the city: "Of course, everyone is trying very hard to establish Schwaz's landmark. That's how it should be."



Andrea Scheiber

Historic ambience
The taproom holds a maximum of 30 seats, in the Knight's Hall one floor up 40 people. Until a few years ago, the room still housed a cultural camp of the city and was artfully and after the models of the past to the Knights Hall remodeled. Chivalrous sippings take place there at regular intervals. A life-size, carved depiction of Jörg von Fruntsperg watches over the hall. The courtyard is a real treat, especially on hot, broiling summer days, as the thick walls of the castle leave no room for the scorching heat of summer. The adjoining castle church is beautiful and is gladly used for weddings.

Andrea Scheiber ist ins Gschlössl heimgekehrt.

Home-style and local
In terms of culinary delights, the castle prefers to serve home-style local dishes, which are enthusiastically received by international guests. "An acid gray cheese, a Brettljause, Kasspatzln or a Tyrolean Gröstl are a highlight for many of our guests. We are in Tyrol and have an obligation to present our local cuisine, "says Andrea Scheiber. Accordingly, there are Gschlössl also regional delicacies that are almost forgotten. Thursday is marked by the Tyrolean pork with sauerkraut, on Sunday there are oven-fresh roast pork. The Burg Freundsberg is an attraction that even established companies like to show their foreign guests. Once a month there is a brunch with musical accompaniment on the terrace. This is a very special gem in Gschlössl. There, along the outer wall of the tower, you can let your gaze wander over the silver city and let the surroundings take their toll on you. The possibilities,
which offers the castle tavern in this environment, are manifold. The landlady, who only returned to the castle Freundsberg in October of last year, has to get to know some of them first. The castle tavern is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 to 22:00, on Sundays and public holidays until 20:00. Should it take longer, that's no problem for Andrea Scheiber and her team. "The whole team feels comfortable here, although working in the castle with its many winding rooms and long walks is not easy," says the landlady gratefully. With its "small, fine, sweet bar", which occupies no more than a few square meters of space, the entire castle wants to be fed with drinks of all kinds. A challenge that Andrea Scheiber likes to face. A very special room, which can also be used gastronomically, would almost have been misappropriated here. This room is in the tower, and in those days where there is a sound of boisterous laughter at festivities, there was nothing laughable in earlier times. Right, it's about the dungeon. "There in the tower, at the very bottom of the dungeon, there is a large, high table, where 14 people can comfortably sit," says the lord of the castle. To get there, countless levels want to be overcome, first up, then down, with food and drinks. A real bone work and athletic challenge for the waiters.

Burg Freundsberg, the Gschlössl, the landmark of Schwaz, is in the very best hands with Andrea Scheiber and her team. "I have never been so happy as now. Now I have it again, my Gschlössl ", Andrea Scheiber is happy, and her luck could almost be grasped with her hands. From the passionate gastronomy and the uplifting view of the city of silver you can best make yourself a picture during a visit. The Schwazer landmark can be reached either by car, by bus or on foot by a small, idyllic path.